Filmstad Producties (Netherlands)
Filmstad Producties is Gerard Holthuis, filmmaker and -producer.
He produced my two last films and several other Dutch films.

Light Cone (France)
Major film-distribution organisation for experimental film in Paris.
Does film-shows in Paris.
Catalogue contains over 1200 titles.

The iota Center (USA)
A driven group of people in California who promote the art of abstract film...
"iota is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of light and movement. Our program celebrates its history and fosters the growth of the worldwide community of contemporary practitioners".

Joost Rekveld (Netherlands)
Best and best known abstract filmmaker in The Netherlands.
Knows very much about "the art of light and movement". If you could see the library at his home..
Experimenteel filmer Joost Rekveld wil kruisbestuiving tussen kunst en wetenschap [Du]

De Filmwerkplaats (Netherlands)
Based in Rotterdam. Low budget. Two young operators with a lot of knowledge about the chemical, optical and mechanical aspects of (16 mm, super8) film invite students, filmmakers and other artists to benefit from their knowledge and accomodation. During the year several workshops are organised.
On top of this they organise several filmscreenings (locally, Rotterdam) related with the workshops.
A very promising operation!.
Shortly "De Filmwerkplaats" has fused with "WORM" and is operating now in the fantastic VOC-building, Achterhaven, Rotterdam

WORM (Netherlands)
A very special music- and film-podium in Rotterdam, and it smells like Rotterdam!
"WORM is an organisation that focuses on presenting and producing experimental sound and image, without limitations. WORM organizes film evenings, concerts, clubnights and improvisation nights and initiates productions via her filmlaboratory, radio transmissions and other projects".

FILMBANK (Netherlands)
FILMBANK started in 2003. This new initiative is successfull in bringing out new as well as old Dutch experimental films.

"An online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema. We believe cinema is an art that can take many forms, from the industrially-produced blockbuster to the hand-crafted experimental work; we also aim to encourage awareness of the histories of such diverse forms. As an Australian-based journal, we have a special commitment to the regular, wide-ranging analysis and critique of Australian cinema, past and present."

Below some interesting links about abstract films which I selected from internet.

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